This algebra course is for students age 15-18 ( grade 9-12), following the algebra syllabus. We aim to help students to get good grades at school and exams, with interactive approach, we will look into sample papers and past papers together with students.
YiLong Zhu
280 USD (280 Points)
(1 Learning point = 1 USD)
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Feature of the Class
Follow schools' syllabus
Go through samples papers & past papers
Interactive class allows students to ask questions
Exam preparation
Learning Goals
Excel in algebra
Improve grades at school and exam
Fully understand algebra topics
20-50 Learners
60 Minutes
Ages 15 - 18
USD 280
Once a week, every Monday
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Meet Your Teacher
YiLong Zhu
Decades of Teaching Experiences and Distinguished Math Career in both US and China
Mr. Zhu has decades long teaching experiences and distinguished math education career in both US and China. Many of his students scored a perfect 800 on SAT Math and won math competitions at State and National level. He was a successful high school math teacher in Shanghai in earlier years, and later moved to US for his Master’s Degree in Math and Computer Science from Minnesota State University. Mr. Zhu has helped students achieve their high academic goals. Such accomplishments include: · Trained a number of 7th grade students with a perfect 800-score on SAT Math in the Duke TIP program · Coached students to win Math Competitions at State and National level · Achieved a 90% pass rate on Credit by Exam (CBE) provided by PISD, FISD, and AISD · Supported many students to enter top private schools in the region.
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About This Course
We have got you covered with our algebra course, you may be struggling with algebra in class. Don't worry, all topics will be included and you can play back anytime you want. We will go through algebra 1 & 2 as well as sample papers and past papers. To ensure students are keeping up the progress, there will be pop up quiz and tests.
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Course Break-Down
Week 1: Powers and Exponents, Number System and Radicals Week 2: Exponents, , Operations of Polynomials, Factorising Polynomial Expressions Week 3: Linear Functions, Absolute Value Functions Week 4: Linear Equations, Solving Linear Systems, Linear Inequalities Week 5: Quadratic Equations and Inequalities Week 6: Graphing Rational Functions, Direct and Inverse Variation Week 7: Piecewise Functions, Transformations of Functions,, Exponential Functions Week 8: Logarithmic Functions, Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Week 9: Sequences and Series, Permutations and Combinations Week 10: Exam Preparation & Mock Exam
Learner Level Prerequisites / Time Expectation / Class Tool
Zoom, Tablet/ Computer
Teaching Materials Provided
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Skills Acquired