Pen to Podium (Primary 4-5)
Would you use the same approach to recommend a movie to a friend and to conduct a classroom debate about an environmental issue? Students will expand their writing and public speaking skills as they identify and try out rhetorical techniques.
Christopher Koestner
2800 HKD (360 Points)
(1 Learning point = 1 USD)
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Feature of the Class
4 one-hour tutoring sessions taught by professional and experienced bilingual teachers from SprEd Global
Online learning materials that students can learn any time of day, any day of the week
Individualized guidance from CTD instructors through posted feedback on the work that students share during the course
A completion certificate which is issued by the Centre for Talent Development, the Northwestern University
Learning Goals
To produce effective written pieces
To deliver excellent speeches
Select the right language for its appeal to the ear, heart, and mind.
10-20 Learners
60 Minutes
Ages 9 - 10
HKD 2800
Every Week / Lunar New Year
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Meet Your Teacher
Christopher Koestner
Experienced English Teacher | In the Field of Education for 20+years
Christopher is a highly accomplished and experienced teacher based in New York with near 20 years of distinguished services. He was a Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, IB Coordinator, SAT Instructor, and English Teacher for multiple schools in U.S. across elementary, middle and high school levels. His experiences not only benefit many students, but also inspire teachers through mentorship. Chris holds professional certification on English Language Arts and Childhood Education. He has a M.A. in English Literature and a Post-Master’s in School Building Leadership.
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About This Course
MommyDaddyMe is proud to partner with the Centre for Talent Development (CTD) of Northwestern University, a top ten leading university in the US, to provide 4-week Online Family Programs for learners from kindergarten to the primary school level. CTD is a top institution that is dedicated to supporting over 600,000 families of talented children with more than 30-year experience. The Online Family Program offers high-interest learning opportunities for academically talented students. To facilitate and optimize the learning outcome of the program, MommyDaddyMe supports the program enrollment and live classes in addition to the CTD curriculum. Young neurologists go inside the brain to analyze its systems and its connection to the rest of the body. Among other activities, students map the brain, experiment with senses and the brain, and use interactive web tools to investigate this amazing and complex organ. This course ‘stretches’ students’ brains as they advance their understanding of the nervous system as a whole.
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Course Break-Down
Learner Level Prerequisites / Time Expectation / Class Tool
Zoom, Tablet
Teaching Materials Provided
Skills Acquired
Communication Effectiveness
Creativity / Innovation