Social Studies
Cultural Journey (5 sessions)
SprEdventure is a learning series like no other. The world cultural journey takes young participants on interactive journeys through 30+ major international cities. You will be taken to heritage sites and landmarks at real time, with live broadcast by our cultural ambassadors at each destination.
Cultural Ambassadors
390 HKD (50 Points)
(1 Learning point = 1 USD)
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Feature of the Class
Learn from global cultural ambassadors in real-time interactive sessions with children from different countries
Eye-opening experience with topics including history, culture, geography, music, arts, languages and social studies
Train the mindset of becoming a Young Global Citizen - with Outreach, Diversity, Inclusion
Enrich English listening / speaking skills and vocabulary in a fun immersive setting
Learning Goals
Explore a city and/or country’s history, geography, people, food, culture and key attractions
Develop a sense of global community by interacting with other children from different places, build friendships and appreciation of diverse culture, beauty of the world
Enhance English language skills through journey’s interesting topics and facts; promote learners’ curiosity and opportunity to speak up with confidence
20-50 Learners
60 Minutes
Ages 8 - 18
HKD 390
Every Saturday
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Meet Your Teacher
Cultural Ambassadors
A group of experienced, passionate experts with diverse cultural background at destination cities
Cultural Ambassadors represent the expert trainers for the journey destination cities / countries who come from diverse cultural background and fields of expertise in education, arts, media, health, social and natural science topics.
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Content Details
About This Course
Miss the days when you can travel to foreign countries? Let us bring the world to you so you can “Visit” 5 international cities – interactive and exciting! Led by cultural ambassadors, Live from destination! Learn about cities’ history, cultural, geography, arts and people, become a young traveller without leaving home, enhance English skills with fun facts. You can attend live sessions or watch replay at any time – never miss one.
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Course Break-Down
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Learner Level Prerequisites / Time Expectation / Class Tool
Zoom, Tablet
Teaching Materials Provided
Skills Acquired
Global Citizenship
Cultural / Civic Literacy
World Languages
Social Awareness