Mandarin Made Easy (Level 4 - Advanced)
Relatively advanced course of Mandarin for non-Chinese speakers. Vocabulary is wide enough to communicate well, explain ideas and understand complex sentences with improved listening speaking skills, expect to understand 1000+ words
Sophie Lau
250 USD (250 Points)
(1 Learning point = 1 USD)
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Feature of the Class
Learn Chinese in a fun way
Make friends all over the world
Explore Chinese culture
Interactive teaching strategies to encourage speech
With reference to the latest international syllabus
Emphasise the development of four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing
Topics relevant to students' lives
Learning Goals
Master more complex Chinese vocabulary
Master more complex phrases and sentences
Increase Chinese speaking confidence and fluency
Increase students' Chinese language awareness
Communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily lives
10-20 Learners
60 Minutes
Ages 7 - 18
USD 250
Twice a week
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Meet Your Teacher
Sophie Lau
Experienced Native-Speaking Mandarin Teacher of 20 years Experience
Sophie was born in China mainland and moved to HK in 1990s, she has extensive experience and successful track records in private tutoring of Mandarin for 20 years, mainly in HK, with some time in UK. She is highly skillful in teaching children of all ages from international schools, universities, also adults wish to learn, many with no experience of the Chinese language. Sophie has achieved considerable success in bringing students to high levels of fluency and in having her students achieve top standards in internally recognized examinations for Mandarin. Sophie graduated from China North East Normal University with a BA degree in Teaching and Education. After graduation and in early years of her career, she was appointed as a class teacher at a leading secondary school in North China.
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Content Details
About This Course
This is an advanced course of Mandarin Chinese for non-Chinese speakers. Interactive and fun teaching approaches are used in this course to motivate students' learning of Chinese. The course is taught by experienced and certified native speaking teacher. After taking this course, students can master the more complexed Chinese vocabulary, phrases and sentences, and communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily lives.
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Course Break-Down
Week 1: Household Week 2: Furniture Week 3: Season Week 4: Climate change Week 5: Nature and landscape (1) Week 6: Nature and landscape (2) Week 7: Chinese festival Week 8: Occupation Week 9: Visiting library Week 10: Compliment
Learner Level Prerequisites / Time Expectation / Class Tool
Completion of Mandarin Made Easy (Level 3) or Similar level of courses
Teaching Materials Provided
Assignment will be provided in each session.
Skills Acquired
World Languages