PockeBot ( Coding course for age 9-12 )
PokeBot is a leading program in Computational Thinking and a core 21st Century skill for youth, curriculum is originated from Stanford University classes, catering to different levels and progress. Integrated with robotics, games and AR technologies, Accessible anytime, anywhere.
Eric Guadara
2500 HKD (320 Points)
(1 Learning point = 1 USD)
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Feature of the Class
Built-in progression syllabus & instructions
Online classroom and assignment
Gameboard for learners to create their own
Share gameboards feature
Learning Goals
1-5 Learners
60 Minutes
Ages 9 - 12
HKD 2500
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Meet Your Teacher
Eric Guadara
Experienced teacher and college professor in U.S. for Game Design and Coding
Eric is an experienced teacher and a college professor based in New York City area in U.S. He teaches all ages, from elementary school to college students, on subjects including English courses and special education courses for students with disabilities. He also teaches Game Design, Programming, and Multimedia Production in colleges. Eric earned a Master’s Degree in Game Design and Development from LIU Post, a teaching degree from Seton Hall University, and a BA in English Creative Writing and Film Studies from Rutgers University. Eric is a published poet and essayist. When not teaching, Eric is creating new games, cooking, or riding his bicycle. His lessons teach practical academic skills along with important soft skills like time management and work productivity.
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Content Details
About This Course
PockeBot STEM Coding has excellent track records around the world, celebrating years of experiences and achievements. Using PockeBot cloud-based platform, students learn formal programming concepts and develop computational thinking skills. By combining gaming, robotic, and AR technologies, the curriculum is intuitive and engaging. A rich introduction to Python programming by taking advantages of PockeBot's game, robotic, and AR technologies. Curriculum uses PBL technique to let students develop their problem solving skills Taking advantages of PockeBot's depth, curriculum focuses on advanced data structures and algorithms in CS and AI. Curriculum combines theory with practice which provides rich hands-on coding experiences.
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Course Break-Down
Learner Level Prerequisites / Time Expectation / Class Tool
Teaching Materials Provided
A tablet and PockeBot App
Skills Acquired
ICT / Technology
Self-Drive / Motivation
Problem Solving
Teamwork / Inclusion
Creativity / Innovation